My hope was lost last night, when Mother Nature nagged one more time.   😦                After a nice sunset and very light clouds with some blue skies peeking through, it started snowing again.                                                                                                                                 No northern lights for me! (Almost like Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi guy)

Captured Contrast

We are at the top of the 11 year Sun cycle, the Solar Max, creating amazing aurora shows… But Mother Nature is not in line with that! For the past 2 months every time we have an earth directed CME (Corona Mass Ejection), as soon as it hits the earth the skies in Alaska are completely covered in clouds or it’s snowing. That’s exactly what happened yesterday / last night…

My options were… cry out loud, hit my head on the wall… or focus my attention on productive work.

I opted for the last one and spent my day reviewing photo files that are more than 2 years old. I never had enough time to post process or upload these photos to my website. It was a trip through time 🙂 From hikes over the Kenai Peninsula, to flying above the Susitna Valley, visiting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Denali…

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About Dora Miller

I am a nature photographer in Alaska, living the dream life of many photographers. From chasing northern lights during the winter months to photographing wildlife and landscapes in the summers. I love to photograph! Express a moment and tell a story through the captured image, with all the colors, contrasts and composition.
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