My Favorite Images of 2012

I spent time today trying to remember all the great photo opportunities that 2012 brought and looking between these images for my 10 most favorites of 2012. Here is my conclusion, but if I look at them all tomorrow I am sure I will choose others 😉

Aurora and Clouds

Aurora and Clouds – One of the most anticipated northern lights shows of the season was covered by the weather moving in, creating amazing subtle colors surrounded by clouds. ©2012, Dora Miller

Milky Way and Northern Lights

Milky Way and Northern Lights – This is now my most favorite photo. I love the details of the Milky Way and snowy foreground. ©2012, Dora Miller

Sunset over the Alaska Range – Amazing view from Talkeetna. I love Alaska!    ©2012, Dora Miller

Chasing Lights

Chasing Lights! – One of the best nights  chasing lights. I had a blast shooting northern lights with a friend  for over 8 hours. ©2012, Dora Miller

Self Portait of Happiness

Self Portrait of Happiness – Can you see the size of my smile? 😀                                         I love chasing northern lights! ©2012, Dora Miller

Green Glow and Meteor

Green Glow and Meteor – Faint northern lights and a meteor crossing the Alaskan skies on the night of November, 19.  ©2012, Dora Miller


Solitude – I shot this image just before Christmas in Palmer, AK.
The sun peeking through the heavy clouded sky, the perfect light touching the Matanuska pic and a solitary person walking up the street. Unique, a full story of solitude!       ©2012, Dora Miller

Denali Fall Colors

Denali Fall Colors – The peak of Fall colors in Denali National Park happens in a 5 day period. I was lucky enough to be there and capture this image. ©2012, Dora Miller


Reflections – Fish Lake, Talkeetna – Alaska. ©2012, Dora Miller

Old Knik Bridge

Old Knik Bridge – Old Knik River Bridge, Palmer – Alaska. ©2012, Dora Miller


About Dora Miller

I am a nature photographer in Alaska, living the dream life of many photographers. From chasing northern lights during the winter months to photographing wildlife and landscapes in the summers. I love to photograph! Express a moment and tell a story through the captured image, with all the colors, contrasts and composition.
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10 Responses to My Favorite Images of 2012

  1. Dawn says:

    Oh my gosh, I don’t even know which is my favorite! If I had to pick it would be “Chasing Lights”…that is phenomenal. But the “Self-Portrait” truly captures the silhouette of your awesome personality!! I am so glad I have gotten to know you 🙂

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